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  • This Collection is a free, rolling 6 month database of scientific sustainability content relevant to the food industry and academic food research taken from 'FSTA', the world-leading literature database for food research (
  • This subset of about 8000 A&I (Abstract & Index) records is selected and curated by the IFIS Science Team who monitor global high-quality sources for content relevant to food-related sustainability.
  • Currently, >1500 high-quality journals (both academic and trade) are monitored, along with patents, standards, books, reports and proceedings.
  • All sources are quality-checked and verified by IFIS' in-house experts. You can be 100% confident that your search results exclude fake science and predatory journals.


Sustainability Collection Content:

The Collection covers sustainability topics across the complete food supply chain from production of raw materials through to consumption.

Key aspects include:

  • manufacturing and process efficiency
  • waste and emissions management, recycling and revalorization of side streams
  • packaging processes and materials
  • distribution and retail
  • consumer attitudes, behaviour and nutrition
  • new product development
  • food policy

This rolling subset of data added over the past 6 months comprises about 8000 records.

Content is updated weekly.

You can be notified when new content related to your areas of interest is added to the knowledge-base.

Enter your key words into the search box and click Save Search or ask your account manager for help.

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You can analyse trends in research and patent filings in your areas of interest by using the IFIS analytics tool.

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How to search

Finding information which is both relevant and trustworthy can be challenging and time-consuming. Our training resources will help you search efficiently and effectively, and to evaluate what you find.

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