Over the last two decades, there has been a concerted effort by researchers to mass propagate Eurycoma longifolia and improve the yield of its very important and sought-after anti-cancer and aphrodisiac bioactive compounds. To achieve this, various techniques have been used to mass propagate and improve the yield of these bioactive compounds in tissue cultures. These techniques include the optimization of media conditions and application of various types and combinations of plant growth regulators (PGRs). In addition, some elicitation techniques have been used to improve the synthesis of these bioactive compounds. However, in comparison with other herbal species with similar economic importance, many techniques have not been applied to E. longifolia. Adopting the most recent methodologies would ensure efficiency and sustainability in the in vitro production of bioactive compounds in E. longifolia. Therefore, in this review, we present an up-to-date record on the success stories in the tissue culture techniques and synthesis of bioactive compounds. In addition, we attempted to identify some of the missing links on the road to the effective and sustainable biotechnological utilization of this super important biological resource. © 2023 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.