This study reports the enzymatic upgrading of fucosylated xyloglucan from depectinized citrus residues into 2′-fucosyllactose, a fucosylated human milk oligosaccharide. Alkaline and enzymatic xyloglucan extractions were compared. Of the original fucose present in the depectinized residues of lemon and orange, 35-36% and 48-51% were extracted as fucosylated xyloglucan by enzyme-or alkaline treatment, respectively. Furthermore, the enzymatically extracted xyloglucan structures had a narrower molecular weight distribution around 1 kDa, contrary to a more polydisperse distribution of the alkaline extracted xyloglucans, ranging from 1 to 500 kDa. The applicability of the fucosylated-xyloglucan extracts in transfucosylation reactions, was determined by use of a selected fungal fucosidase, resulting in yields of 10.2-11.4% enzymatic extracts, and 6.5-7.4% for alkaline extracts (orange and lemon respectively). The results demonstrate that depectinized citrus side streams are a useful source of fucosylated xyloglucan, preferably extracted by an enzyme catalyzed approach. All rights reserved, Elsevier.