The increased consumption and incorrect discharge of non-biodegradable plastics is increasingly concerning. The search for biodegradable plastics has grown, with starch films an attractive option due to their relatively low cost and abundance. Studies of non-conventional starch sources have the potential to discover novel properties and alternatives to diversify agricultural resources used for the production of bioplastics. This review discusses recent advances in relation to the development and application of non-conventional starch sources used in films produced by casting for food packaging applications. Data regarding moisture sensitivity, and mechanical and structural properties, as well as the key findings of applied food studies are discussed. The results demonstrate that starch films derived from non-conventional sources (when composition and production conditions are optimized) can achieve similar, and even improved, properties compared to conventional starch. Future trends include studying new starch sources, with an emphasis on improved properties, industrial scale-up, and food applications. All rights reserved, Elsevier.