The aqueous enzymatic extraction conditions of oil from viscera of Chinemys reevesiis were optimized by single factor experiment, and the fatty acid composition and lipid composition of viscera, fat, egg and meat of Chinemys reevesiis were analyzed by GC-MS and UPLC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS, respectively. The results showed that a high yield ((66.56 ± 1.25)%) of Chinemys reevesiis viscera oil extracted by aqueous enzymatic method were obtained under the optimal conditions of Alkaline protease dosage 0.5% (based on the mass of viscera), enzymolysis time 0.5 h, enzymolysis temperature 55°C, pH 7 and solid-liquid ratio 1:4. A total of 16 fatty acids including isomers were detected from the four parts of Chinemys reevesiis, and 139 lipid components were detected. In the lipid triglyceride was the most, and there were small amounts of diglycerides, phospholipids and sphingolipids. Through principal component analysis, it was found that the lipid compositions in fat and viscera were similar, but it was different from those in egg and meat. It was concluded that Chinemys reevesiis lipid had the development potential to be used as edible oil.