Oils supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with CO2 from biological sources has the potential to displace classical solid-liquid extraction with organic solvents by its lower energy consumption and environmental sustainability. Optimal design of oils SFE process requires thermodynamic properties estimation and modeling. Therefore, moringa seeds oil distribution constant and moringa seeds tortuosity factor were estimated by inverse method on a mechanistic SFE dynamic model. Experimental dynamics of SFE Moringa seeds oil were performed at different temperature and pressure as validation. Results were 0.0057 for tortuosity factor of moringa seeds and a thermodynamic model for distribution constant of (oil)-(moringa seeds)-(CO2) system. Estimated thermodynamic properties applied in model, reproduced the experimental extraction of SFE moringa seeds oil at 30 MPa and 353.15 K with less than 10% average error. All rights reserved, Elsevier.