Mechanized farming is an indispensable part of modern agriculture. Bangladesh has managed to achieve significant progress in some components of farm mechanization i.e., irrigation and tillage. The majority of the agricultural operations are still being carried out with manual labor. This paper reports the status of agricultural machineries in the country while analyzing the historical policy changes towards intensive farm mechanization. The potential sectors requiring urgent attention for mechanization was also identified in this study. The manuscript discusses how mechanization could help ensure the food security of the country by maintaining timeliness of agricultural operation. Urgent introduction of mini-combined harvesters during COVID-19 pandemic was discussed as a commendable decision taken by the Government of Bangladesh. It also shows how the use of machine power is increasing in the country through custom hiring based ownership models of the machineries. Local manufacturing of agricultural machineries and spare parts was championed by the fact that small scale industries have developed in this sector. In line with this, we argued that the local companies should focus on precision manufacturing in the coming days. The manuscript also urged the need to include rural youth for sustainable farm mechanization process. All rights reserved, Elsevier.