In this study, the effect of altitude on oil amounts, antioxidant activity, polyphenol content and mineral contents of Acacia seeds collected from two different locations (up to 1100 m above sea level) was investigated. Total carotenoid and flavonoid contents of Acacia seeds were detected as 0.76 (Konya) and 1.06 µg/g (Tasucu-Mersin) to 1343.60 (Konya) and 184.53 mg/100 g (Tasucu-Mersin), respectively. Total phenol contents and antioxidant activity values of Acacia seeds were identified as 255.11 (Konya) and 190.00 mgGAE/Tasucu-Mersin) to 64.18% (Konya) and 75.21% (Tasucu-Mersin), respectively. The oils extracted from Acacia seeds in Konya and Mersin province contained 62.70% and 70.39% linoleic, 23.41% and 16.03% oleic, 6.45%and 6.04% palmitic and 2.93% and 4.94% stearic acids, respectively. While 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid amounts of seeds are determined as 3.89 (Konya) and 4.83 mg/100 g (Tasucu-Mersin), (+)-catechin contents of Acacia seeds were identified as 3.42 (Konya) and 9.51 mg/100 g (Tasucu-Mersin). Also, rutintrihydrate and ferulic contents of Acacia seeds were found as 23.37 (Konya) and 11.87 mg/100 g (Tasucu-Mersin) to 14.74 mg/100 g (Konya) and 1.12 mg/100 g (Tasucu-Mersin), respectively. Acacia seeds collected from Konya and Mersin contained 4003.75 and 3540.89 mg/kg P, 9819.12 and 16175.69 mg/kg K, 4347.47 and 5078.81 mg/kg P, 2195.77 and 2317.90 mg/kg Mg, 1015.75 and 2665.60 mg/kg S and 187.53 and 905.52 mg/kg Na, respectively.