We investigated a method to prepare liposomes; soy lecithin was dissolved in liquefied dimethyl ether (DME) at 0.56 MPa, which was then injected into warm water. Liposomes can be successfully prepared at warm water temperatures above 45°C. The transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of the obtained liposomes, size distribution, ζ-potential measurements by dynamic light scattering and the amount of residual medium were compared by gas chromatography using the conventional medium, diethyl ether. The size of the obtained liposomes was approximately 60-300 nm and the ζ-potential was approximately -57 mV, which was almost the same as that of the conventional medium. Additionally, for the conventional media, a large amount remained in the liposome dispersion even after removal by depressurization and dialysis membrane treatment; however, liquefied DME, owing to its considerably low boiling point, was completely removed by depressurization. Liquefied DME is a very attractive medium for the preparation of liposomes because it does not have the toxicity and residue problems of conventional solvents or the hazards of ethanol addition and high pressure of supercritical carbon dioxide; it is also environmentally friendly. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.