Distiller's grains (DGS) as a typical organic solid waste in Chinese Baijiu production, with high water content, nutrient and various high-value components. Conventional waste management causes environmental issues and bioresource wasting. With the development of Chinese Baijiu companies, the demand for effective DGS treatment is urgent. There were various approaches for DGS resourcing, such as feeding, high-value components extraction, biogas production and composting. This review focus on the efficiency and existed limitations of these methods, includes the effects of feeds in livestock and poultry breeding, extraction efficiency and utilization, biogas yield and purity, and substance variation and stabilization in composting. As a prospect, process for DGS cascade and full utilization should be designed in further study. Combining and organizing the methods in different studies, decreasing the waste and discharge in process, optimizing the approaches in high value component extraction, promoting the utilization in different production, the value of DGS can be increased. The remained materials after cascade utilization can be further treated by full utilization in bioresource energy and composting. Therefore, Chinese Baijiu companies can achieve zero organic solid waste discharge and cleaner production. All rights reserved, Elsevier.