This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of red-wine grape pomaces on the quality and sensory attributes of beef hamburger patties. Both phenolic content and antioxidant activity were assessed using Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon pomaces. Following the assessment, hamburger patties were prepared with Merlot pomace at 0%, 2% and 4% for the patty quality and sensory attributes. Grape seeds possessed significantly higher phenolics and antioxidant activities over the seedless pomace (P<0.05), whereas no significant difference was found for phenolics and antioxidant activities within the seeds and seedless pomaces. The patty pH decreased as the pomace was added for 2% and 4%. Colour values (L*, a* and b*) of patties lowered as the pomace was added. Allo-Kramer shear force and hardness values increased while cooking yield decreased (P<0.05) with the addition of pomace. No significant difference between control and Merlot patties was found for flavour, juiciness and colour, whereas lower sensory attributes were observed for texture, taste and overall acceptability. It is observed that the addition of fermented red-wine grape pomace provides hamburger patties with health promoting factors such as antioxidant and other functional components, but it also provided darker, sourer and lower cooking yield. © 2022 Institute of Food Science and Technology.