Disclosed are a system and method for cleaning Teflon plates used in industrial freezers, which produce frozen blocks of animal protein paste formed by meat waste and less valuable parts of an animal. The system comprises at least one tank (12, 12a) that has at the bottom a set of perforated tubes formed by a perimeter frame (17) and at least one transverse tube (18), all the tubes having a plurality of perforations (19). The set of tubes includes at least one vertical tube (20) connected to an air blower or compressor to generate air bubbles (26). The tank (12, 12a) has means for emptying washing water (25). The system also comprises at least one rinsing container or bin (27) for the Teflon plates (5), and a hydraulic lift (10, 11) that lifts the rinsing containers or bins (27) at an angle in order to tip or pour the rinsing water contained therein.