The purpose of the present disclosure is to provide a composition, a molded body, a laminate, and a resin, wherein the agglomeration of fluororesin, which causes a poor strand appearance, can be suppressed even when the proportion of fluororesin is increased. The present disclosure pertains to a composition comprising fluororesin A and resin B (excluding the fluororesin A) which has a melt flow rate of 30 g/10 minutes at melting point + 12 degrees centigrade, wherein at least one of the fluororesin A or the resin B has a group (I) represented by the formula below. (In the formula, R1 and R2 are the same or different, represent hydrogen or an organic group, and may be bonded to each other to form a ring structure. A double line represented by a solid line and a broken line is a single bond or a double bond.)

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