To provide a cured film and a laminate, excellent in comfort in writing with a touch pen and delustering properties; and to provide a method for producing the laminate.SOLUTION: Provided is a cured film whose surface has a wrinkle-like uneven structure, and the cured film has an average length (RSm) of roughness curve element in accordance with JIS B0601:2013 of 15 micro m or more, an arithmetic average height (Sa) defined by ISO 25178 of 0.20 micro m or more, and a dynamic friction coefficient of 0.40 or less, in the uneven structure. Provided is a laminate having the cured film on a base material. Provided is a method for producing the laminate, in which the curable composition is laminated on the base material, and the cured film is formed by irradiation with vacuum ultraviolet rays and curing.SELECTED DRAWING: None

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