A system and a method of making a soluble coffee product is used to make a serving of fresh coffee on the go that is healthy and matches the user's taste. The overall process starts by mixing the amount of soluble coffee, the first amount of liquid sweetener, and the amount of bee pollen into a quantity of liquid mixture. The quantity of liquid mixture is partitioned into liquid-mixture portions by filling each molding receptacle with a corresponding liquid-mixture portion from the liquid-mixture portions. Each liquid-mixture portion is inserted with a corresponding stick from the lollipop sticks. The liquid-mixture portions are frozen into solid-mixture portions. The solid-mixture portions are removed from the molding receptacles. A liquid-sweetener coating is applied to each solid-mixture portion by dipping each solid-mixture portion into the second amount of liquid sweetener. Finally, the liquid-sweetener coating is frozen into a solid-sweetener coating for each solid-mixture portion.

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