To provide a cardboard board having non-combustibility and light weight, excellent in treatment such as transportation and assemblage, and used for sliding doors, fittings, partitions, walls, furniture, etc..SOLUTION: A core sheet obtained by corrugating a cardboard component plate 1 is inserted and laminated between cardboard component plates 1 laminated by inserting an aluminum foil 4 coated with an adhesive on both surfaces between two paper sheets 2,3. The corrugated core sheet is adhered with surfaces of the paper sheets 2,3 of the cardboard component plates 1,1 laminated on both surfaces thereof at respective irregular parts, and an inside surface sheet 3 of front and back two paper sheets 2,3 constituting the cardboard component sheet 1 is preferably formed into a chip-like paper sheet for enhancing adhesiveness with the core sheet.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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