Renewably-sourced biodegradable polyolefin packaging, utensils, and containers include a renewably-sourced polyolefin (for example, polyethylene and polypropylene) and a biodegrading agent. The renewably-sourced biodegradable polyolefin packaging is made from plant materials typically by polymerizing olefins that are made from reducing alcohols created by fermenting plant materials. An example of a suitable plant material is sugarcane and its derivatives. The biodegrading agent accelerates the biodegradation of polyolefin packaging even in anaerobic and dark (i.e., absent of ultraviolet light) environments. Such a packaging is particularly useful for packaging frozen food that is to be microwaved in the packaging. The package is also particularly usable as packaging for frozen comestibles, which are often stored at dry-ice temperatures. Ultimately, the renewably-sourced biodegradable polyolefin packaging provides a start-to-finish green packaging that meets the requirements of being renewably sourced, biodegradable in landfills, and having similar performance as traditional polyolefin packaging.

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