A flow path structure including a first-flow path includes a first-flow path member that including a first-resin member made of a resin and a first-film member having a film, a second-flow path member laminated on the first-flow path member and adhered to the first-flow path member, in which the first-resin member includes a first-front surface that is a surface facing the second-flow path member and that is provided with a first-recessed portion, the first-film member includes a first-surface and a second-surface that is opposite from the first-surface, at least a portion of the first-surface is in close contact with a front surface of the first-resin member inside the first-recessed portion, and the second-surface and the second-flow path member define at least a portion of the first-flow path in a region overlapping the first-recessed portion in a laminating direction of the first-flow path member and the second-flow path member.

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