A Tray and Trellis System includes vertical posts or legs, longitudinal members, and cross members. Combs include tines fixed at one end to longitudinal members on one side, and releasably engaged at their other end to other longitudinal members on the other side. Further combs include tines fixed to a cross member at one end, and releasably engaged to another cross member at the other end. There may be intermediate cross members having tines fixed to them and other tines releasably engaged to them. Fixation of the tines may be by clips, rings, welding, bonding, fastening, or by molding as a single piece. The releasably engaged ends of the tines may be engaged with snap-fit slot features in the longitudinal members, the cross members, or the clips or rings, or may be engaged with open grommets inserted into openings in the longitudinal members or cross members.

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