A method of creating a genetically personalized intravenous or intramuscular nutrition therapy treatment formula includes developing an initial mapping of individual micronutrients to SNPs, symptoms, conditions, and therapeutic objectives based on existing individual scientific literature references that link the specific micronutrient to an SNP, a symptom, a condition, or a therapeutic objective. The method includes receiving an SNP and a symptom, a condition, or a therapeutic objective for a patient, comparing the SNP, symptom, condition, therapeutic objective combination with the initial mapping to identify matching micronutrients, creating a custom treatment formula with the identified micronutrients, and treating the patient with the formula. Feedback data about the formula's effectiveness is received and the initial mapping is updated to account for the feedback data. This process is repeated for subsequent patients positioned geographically remotely from each other so that future patients are treated with reference to an updated current mapping.

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