Provided are a paper tray and a developed body of the paper tray that can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. A paper tray 1 formed by folding one flat thick board or corrugated board, comprising: A bottom wall 10; and a sidewall 20 that is folded from the bottom wall 10 along a folding line F extending in a first direction D1 and stands from the bottom wall 10. The bottom wall 10 includes a first protruding piece 13 protruding outward beyond a folding line F in a second direction D2 orthogonal to the first direction D1, and the sidewall 20 includes a second protruding piece 24 protruding outward beyond the folding line F in a third direction D3 orthogonal to the first direction D1 and engaging with the first protruding piece 13. Figure 1

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