PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cooker that can shorten cooking time in low temperature cooking and that can also reduce uneven heating.SOLUTION: A cooker 1 includes: a hermetically sealable cooking tank 10 in which food materials 90 and cooking liquid 91 are housed; heating means 20 for raising temperature of the cooking tank 10; depression means 30 for reducing pressure inside the cooking tank 10; and a controller 60 for controlling the heating means 20 and the decompression means 30. The controller 60 controls the decompression means 30 so that the cooking tank 10 is decompressed inside down to the saturation vapor pressure of a set cooking temperature, and also controls the heating means 20 so that, under the decompressed state, the cooking tank 10 is maintained at the cooking temperature.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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