To provide a lid body for a packaging container adapted for enhancing customer-attracting power with the utilization of reflection light.SOLUTION: A lid body for a packaging container comprises a planar top surface having surroundings made in a rectangular form, inclining sidewalls respectively provided from the surroundings of the top surface, flange portions provided around the sidewalls, and a lid-closing structure to the container main body further provided from the flange portions. The flange portion is made, in plan view, in a width-deflective form by forming broadness changes in a moderately curving form and, in elevation view, in a wavy-line form consisting of moderate upper and lower curved lines. The broadness of width deflection has a minimum width lying within 50 percent of a maximum width. The wavy line has a wave length of 2-3 times the circumference of the flange portions.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 7

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