To suitably house a various kinds of substantially rectangular substrates P with the use of a substrate housing container 1 for housing substantially circular substrates.SOLUTION: The substrate housing container 1 comprises: a container body 20 which has, on its front side, an opening 21 for inserting and extracting substrates; and a lid 40 which closes the opening 21. When the opening 21 is viewed from the front side, both right and left lateral surfaces inside the container body 20 are provided with shelf parts 22 for placing substantially circular substrates. Auxiliary shelf members (side adapters 30) on the right and left sides for placing the substantially rectangular substrates P are detachably fitted to the shelf parts 22. A rear adapter 50 may also be provided for engaging with rear portions of the side adapters 30 on the right and left sides.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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