In an embodiment, the invention comprises a packaging structure comprising a cap layer which comprises post-consumer resin, at least one additional layer adjacent the first layer which comprises an alloy of: polyethylene terephthalate; a polyolefin; and at least one compatibilizer; a barrier coating adjacent the at least one additional layer and opposite the cap layer, wherein the barrier coating comprises a matrix of polyethyleneimine and polyvinyl alcohol and an overlacquer about the barrier coating. The methods of the invention may include co-extruding the cap layer and an alloy layer to form a co-extrudate; optionally, melt adhering the co-extrudate to another alloy layer to form a melt-adhered sheet; intermixing a solution of polyethyleneimine, polyvinyl alcohol, and water to form a coating; applying the coating to the outermost alloy layer opposite the cap layer; drying the applied coating; applying an overlacquer about the coating; and drying the overlacquer.

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