A method is disclosed for preparing a composition including controlled release particles includes: (a) preparing an oil phase including at least one hydrophobic active ingredient, at least one isocyanate, at least one epoxy, at least one organofunctional silane, optionally at least one pre-reacted natural material resin, and optionally a plasticizer; (b) preparing an aqueous phase comprising an emulsifier; (c) combining the oil phase and the aqueous phase to provide an aqueous suspension; (d) adding at least one amine moiety containing material to provide a barrier; (e) heating; (f) adding a natural material to provide a microcapsule having hydroxyl moieties or amine moieties on a surface thereof; (g) adding an aldehyde to react with the surface moieties; and (h) adding structuring agents to provide the controlled release particles homogeneously suspended in an aqueous dispersion. The composition is also disclosed.

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