The problem of surface icing poses a serious threat to people's economy and safety, especially in the fields of aerospace, wind power generation and circuit transmission. Super-hydrophobic has excellent anti-icing performance, so it has been widely studied. As the most promising anti-icing technology, superhydrophobic anti-icing surface should not only be simple to prepare, but also have excellent comprehensive performance, which can meet the anti-icing task under harsh working conditions and long-term durability. This paper summarizes the basic performance requirements of superhydrophobic surface for anti-icing operation, and then summarizes the preparation methods and existing problems of superhydrophobic surface in recent years. Finally, the future development trend of superhydrophobic anti-icing surface is prospected and discussed, hoping to provide certain technical guidance for the subsequent research of high-performance superhydrophobic anti-icing surface. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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