Ypt GTPases are the largest subfamily of small GTPases involved in membrane transport. Here, a PeYpt7 gene deletion mutant of P. expansum was constructed. The ΔPeYpt7 mutant showed reduced colony growth with abnormal mycelial growth, reduced conidiation, and insufficient spore development. The mutation rendered the pathogen susceptible to osmotic stress and cell wall stressors. In addition, the absence of PeYpt7 reduced patulin production in P. expansum and significantly limited gene expression (PatG, PatH, PatI, PatD, PatF, and PatL). In addition, the mutant showed attenuated virulence in infected fruit and reduced expression of pathogenic factors was (PMG, PG, PL, and GH1). Thus, PeYpt7 modulates the growth, morphology, patulin accumulation, and pathogenicity of P. expansum by limiting the expression of related genes. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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