To dispense a beverage without scattering it to containers of different heights without significantly changing the structure of an existing beverage supply device. The beverage supply device 10 includes a beverage supply part 30 capable of supplying the beverage from a beverage outlet 35 a, and a container placement base 20 provided below the outlet 35 a and having a placement part 21 for placing the container receiving the beverage supplied from the beverage supply part 30. The placement part 21 is provided with a raising/lowering base 40 for bringing a low container close to the outlet 35 a, A positioning protrusion 40 c is provided on the bottom of the raising mount base 40 for positioning the raising mount base 40 in the horizontal direction by engaging with a water passing hole 21 c formed on the mount part for passing the beverage downward. Figure 2

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