To provide an active energy ray-curable resin composition that makes it possible to prepare a cured product having desired levels of processability, pencil hardness, and excoriation resistance, a cured product containing the composition and a laminate.SOLUTION: An active energy ray-curable resin composition contains: a (meth)acryl copolymer (A) that is a reactant between a radical polymer (a1) of a monomer component containing an epoxy group-containing mono(meth)acrylate and an a, beta -unsaturated carboxylic acid (a2), with a hydroxy group content of 2 mmol/g or more and a (meth)acryl equivalent of 400 g/eq or less, a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate (B) having at least three (meth)acryloyl groups, and a metal compound (C).SELECTED DRAWING: None

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