PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and a surface protection film, capable of simultaneously satisfying all of the following required performances: (1) good balance of adhesion in a low-speed peeling region and a high-speed peeling region; (2) prevention of occurrence of an adhesive deposit; (3) excellent antistatic performance; and (4) reworkability performance.SOLUTION: The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprises a copolymer containing (A) a (meth)acrylic acid ester monomer having a 4-10C alkyl group, (B) a copolymerizable monomer containing a hydroxyl group, and (C) a copolymerizable monomer containing a carboxyl group, and further comprises (D) a tri- or higher functional isocyanate compound, (E) a crosslinking retarder, (F) a crosslinking catalyst, (G) an antistatic agent, and (H) a polyether-modified siloxane compound.

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