Provided is a sealant film for a cell culture container that is excellent in water repellency and heat-sealing properties. A sealant film for a cell culture vessel according to one aspect of the present invention, which contains, based on the total weight, an ethylene copolymer (a-1) and an ethylene copolymer (a-2) as main components, wherein the ethylene copolymer (a-1) has a density of 100 mg, a coenergy of 0.915 Garper, and a crystallized ethylene polymer (a) 30 J/2); 0.940, 0.970 grams per CBC, and MFR of 0.410 g/10 min; and the composition ratio of ethylene copolymer (a-1) to ethylene copolymer (a-2) is (99 weight per:1 weight per unit): (40 weight per unit). None

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