The package comprises a functionalised graphene layer 106 between a polymeric substrate 102 and a printable substrate 104. The graphene may be functionalised or graphite flakes. The preferred polymeric substrate 102 includes alginate. The preferred printable substrate 104 comprises paper, cardboard, wood, cellulose or plastic. Production of the pack is also claimed. Preferably the polymeric substrate 102 is made by stirring 1-5 mg/ml aqueous graphene oxide dispersion, 2-4 percent w/w alginate solution, 1-5 mg/ml organic compound, 20-40 percent w/w inorganic nanoparticles and 5-10 percent w/w polymer for 2-3 hours. The middle layer 106 is preferably made by sonicating graphene nanoparticles in an organic solvent and adding stabilising agent.

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