To provide antibody-adsorbing agents obtainable by immobilizing an affinity ligand capable of specifically binding to antibodies onto an insoluble carrier, which can adsorb a large amount of antibodies so that the agents are usable for antibody separation.SOLUTION: The invention provides an antibody-adsorbing agent obtainable by immobilizing an Fc-binding protein onto a porous hydrophilic polymer particle of which particle diameter is from 7 micro m to 25 micro m. The invention also provides a method for separating antibodies comprising the steps of: preparing a column filled with the adsorbing agent and equilibrating the column by passing an equilibrating buffer; adding to the equilibrated column a solution containing antibodies to adsorb the antibodies to the adsorbing agent; and eluting the adsorbed antibodies with an eluent.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

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