Provided are a method for generating data for acute stress evaluation and an anxiety-relieving agent. Data on the expression level of at least one specific microRNA selected from a specific microRNA group including miR-99b-3p, miR-136-5p, miR-140-5p, miR-199 a-3p, miR-339-3p, miR-376a-3p, and miR-466f-3p among the microRNAs encapsulated by the brain-derived exosomes collected from the living body is acquired. If the expression level is higher than a control value, it can be evaluated and diagnosed objectively that the living body is in an acute stress state. If the brain-derived exosome and at least one specific microRNA collected from a living body exposed to acute stress are administered to another living body in the acute stress state, a therapeutic effect to alleviate anxiety or a prophylactic effect to inhibit the onset of anxiety can be expected. Figure 2

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