Problem to be solved: To provide a container device for transporting livestock capable of transporting livestock simply and without trouble at a low cost even if a livestock carrier is not carried. Solution: A container device 1 for transporting livestock includes a container 2 for storing cattle 23, and a container attaching/detaching device for attaching/detaching the container 2 to/from a flat floor loading platform 4 of a vehicle 3. The container 2 is provided at the lower end of its rear end with a hinge 5 so as to open and close the rear end, and includes an opening/closing door 6 for lifting and lowering the cattle 23 relative to the container 2 mounted on the flat floor loading platform 4 in an open state, and an opening/closing device for opening and closing the opening/closing door 6 for lifting. Selected drawing: Figure 1

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