To reduce frictional force caused by movement of an opening/closing member by reducing force applied to the opening/closing member when closing a passage in a beverage spouting device.SOLUTION: A beverage spouting device 100 for spouting beverage from a beverage container 11 comprises a spout tube 21 where the beverage flows, a lever body 42 that is movable between a spout stop position P0 and a spout position P1, an opening/closing member 71 that moves so as to open/close a passage inside the spout tube 21 in conjunction with moving of the lever body 42, and a guide part 63 for guiding moving of the opening/closing member 71. The guide part 63 is provided so as to receive force acting in a direction of opening the passage for the opening/closing member 71, when the lever body 42 is at the spout stop position P0.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

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