[Problem] The present invention addresses the problem of providing: a transfer sheet that can impart an anti-reflection feature to a molded article without reducing the aesthetic quality thereof; a decorative molded article; and a method for producing a decorated molded article. [Solution] A transfer sheet 10 comprises: a release sheet 13 having a substrate sheet 11 and a release layer 12; a low refractive index layer 14 formed on the release layer 12; a hard coat layer 15 formed on the low refractive index layer 14; and an adhesive layer 16 formed on the hard coat layer 15. The low refractive index layer 14 contains an actinic ray-curable resin, (a) hollow silica particles, and (b) silica particles having diameters which are 0.1 to 1.7 times the diameters of the hollow silica particles.

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