To provide a laminate having high peel strength and high air permeability and suitable for a skin material of a vehicle seat.SOLUTION: In a laminate 10 in which a back base fabric 21 is bonded to flexible polyurethane foam 11 obtained from a flexible polyurethane foam composition, the flexible polyurethane foam composition comprises a polyisocyanate, a foaming agent, a catalyst, a flame retardant, and a cyclic siloxane, the flexible polyurethane foam 11 has an air permeability of 180-400 cc/cm2/s and a number of cells of 20-40 cells/25 mm, the back base fabric 21 is a fiber body with a basis weight of 5-50 grams per square metre, an adhesive for the back base fabric 21 is a dot or non-woven hot melt adhesive, and the air permeability of the laminate 10 is 180-400 cc/cm2/s.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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