In a gyoza forming machine compressing a half kneaded noodle skin raw material to form into a belt-like shape, die cutting the obtained belt-like material into a predetermined shape to form a gyoza skin, and wrapping the gyoza filling with the gyoza skin to obtain a gyoza, a wrap off-cuts cutting and returning apparatus is provided with a cutting unit which sequentially cuts the belt-like wrap off-cuts after being die cut into a wrap off-cuts piece having a predetermined length via a feeding unit thereof, a supply unit for the wrap off-cuts and a half kneaded noodle skin raw material wrap off-cuts to which the wrap off-cuts piece cut by the cutting unit is continuously supplied while dropping, and a noodle belt forming unit which compresses the wrap off-cuts piece and the noodle skin raw material mixed within the supply unit to form a one-layer structure new noodle belt.

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