To provide a fruit and vegetables-storing package capable of keeping freshness of fruit and vegetables.SOLUTION: In a fruit and vegetables-storing package, which is formed by packaging fruit and vegetables with a packaging bag constituted of a synthetic resin film, the rate of change of an oxygen concentration {(oxygen concentration after treatment)/(oxygen concentration before treatment)x100}(percent) in the packaging bag before and after performing a following treatment is 0.5 percent or higher and 400 percent or lower, and an oxygen permeation amount at 23 degrees centigrade and 60 percent RH is 2 cc/m-day-atm or more and 50,000 cc/m-day-atm or less; the treatment: the packaging bag is held for 3 days under a condition of 20 degrees centigrade and 50 percent RH.SELECTED DRAWING: None

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