[Object] to provide a hard coat film having wear resistance and chemical resistance, high elongation at break, good moldability even in a large size, and excellent weather resistance durable to outdoor use, and suitable for molding applications, a molded article using the same, and a method for manufacturing an insert molded article. [Solution] the film has a cured layer of a photo-curable resin composition on a composite substrate of a polycarbonate substrate and an acrylic substrate, wherein the photo-curable resin composition contains a urethane acrylate having a structure in which a diisocyanate obtained by reacting ethylene glycol with isophorone diisocyanate is further reacted with pentaerythritol triacrylate, Wherein the urethane acrylate has a weight average molecular weight of 2,000 12,000, and the composite substrate has UVB (0.55 W/m 2), 60 degrees Centigrade, and DELTAE before and after 1000 hours of irradiation of 1.0 or less. Selected drawing: None

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