PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem in a method of melting a hot-melt material for bonding a leather and an urethane foam, that at the time of application of compression and heat at which the hot-melt material melts, it is unavoidable for the heat to be applied to the leather and depending on the circumstances in which the heat is applied to the leather, and if the leather is natural leather (genuine leather), the texture unique to the natural leather may be lost, or the natural leather may shrink and the dimensional change may occur.SOLUTION: Provided is a laminate 10 obtained by bonding a natural leather 11 and an urethane foam 12 via an adhesive, and in which the adhesive is a moisture-curable hot-melt adhesive 13; and the moisture-curable hot-melt adhesive 13 is a moisture-curable urethane-based hot-melt adhesive with 100 percent solid content.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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