[Problem] to solve the problem that, in the step of picking up a predetermined number of nematodes from a petri dish with many nematodes and transferring the picked-up nematodes to another petri dish for culturing the nematodes, The insect is weakened by unnecessarily touching or re-rotating the insect for a long time, and then does not grow well. [Solution] the insect 30 in the petri dish 8 is imaged by an imaging device from above the petri dish 8 on which the insect 30 is placed, and the presence/absence/size of the male/female homolog/egg is determined by image processing, the insect 33 to be captured is specified, a pick bar 20 is moved to the vicinity of the insect 33, And the movement of the insect to another laboratory dish 10 for culture is repeated a plurality of times. Selected drawing: Figure 2

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