[Problem] to provide a method for purifying a fungal cell wall composition. The method for purifying a fungal cell wall composition comprises the following steps: (1) removing residues after obtaining an extract from the fruit state of the fungi through an extraction process, wherein the extract comprises a terpene, a sterol or a polysaccharide or a combination thereof, the residues comprise the cell wall of the fruit body; (2) placing the decolorant residues in an aqueous percarbonate solution to form a mixed solution; The concentration of the aqueous percarbonate solution was 520percent (w/v) and the first temperature was 15,40degrees Scientific (3) after the completion of the decolorization, the temperature of the mixture was raised to the second temperature, the reaction was performed at the second temperature to digest and decompose the residue, and the second temperature was 80, 100 degrees Scientific (4). Selected drawing: Figure 1

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