A decorative sheet (1) is equipped with a substrate (2) and a surface layer (3) provided on the substrate (2). The surface layer (3) comprises: a continuous layer (4) which comprises an ultraviolet ray-cured article layer (6) formed on a surface (2a) of the substrate (2), and an excimer light-cured article layer (7) formed on a surface (6a) of the ultraviolet ray-cured article layer (6); and a dispersed element (5) which comprises organic particles and/or inorganic particles and is dispersed in the continuous layer (4). The value obtained by dividing the standard deviation s[ micro m] of the surface roughness (Sa) of the surface (3a) of the surface layer (3) on the side thereof opposite the substrate (2) side by the thickness T[ micro m] of the continuous layer (4) is 7 percent or less.

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