To provide a packing device for soybean curd capable of making packing faster and speedily and accurately packing even soft soybean curd.SOLUTION: The present invention relates to a packing device for soybean curd comprising a pack covering device 20 which turns over a pack P to cover a plurality of pieces of soybean curd A1 arrayed one after the other and side by side at predetermined intervals on a carrying surface of a carrying conveyor 5, and a turning-over device 30 arranged downstream from the pack covering device and turning over soybean curd covered with a pack. A front end gripping part 23b is so configured to hold the pack face down and cover the soybean curd with the pack up to halfway, and the turning-over device 30 turns over the soybean curd covered with the pack and also puts the soybean curd into the pack.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

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