Blackberry seed extracts (BSEs) were obtained by extraction using supercritical CO2 and ethanol as co-solvent. Conditions of 70°C and 25 MPa provided the best results: 24.05 wt% of yield, total phenolic content of 3856 mg GAE 100 g-1, and 12,948, 12,996 and 14,243 µmol TE 100 g-1 for the assays ABTS, DPPH and FRAP, respectively. The nutritional lipid indices were PUFA/SFA ratio of 9.60, hypocholesterolemic/hypercholesterolemic ratio of 16.23, atherogenicity 0.06 and thrombogenicity 0.17. The main phenolic compounds were rutin and protocatechuic acid. The thermo-oxidative decomposition of the extract started at 196.25°C and storage at -29.52°C. Rancimat analysis showed that the extract has a protective effect against the oxidation of soybean oil. These results indicate good potential for the application of this extract as an antioxidant. All rights reserved, Elsevier.

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