Vesicles (liposomes and niosomes) are bilayer membranous capsules composed of amphiphilic molecules having aqueous phase in their interior and can encapsulate drug ingredients to act as drug delivery systems, a bio-membrane model, and so on. Vesicles also find their applications in cosmetics and foods industries since they can not only entrap water-soluble substances in their core, but also solubilize oily substances in the bilayer membrane. Almost half a century has passed since the discovery of vesicles by Bangham, and research on their basic properties and applications has been gaining momentum once again. In this article, the preparation and properties of vesicles (liposomes, niosomes) with excellent dispersion stability, especially formed in mixtures of amphiphilic molecules, are reported. Furthermore, the preparation of nano-sized silica hollow particles using vesicles as a structure-directing agent and their application to anti-reflection film are also described.

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