To provide an adhesive film which contains a fluorine rubber and a thermosetting resin, and has good workability when being used as a printed wiring board.SOLUTION: In an adhesive film, an adhesive layer is layered on a resin film layer. The adhesive layer is composed of an adhesive composition containing a fluorine rubber having an unsaturated bond, a thermosetting resin and an inorganic filler, the adhesive layer is in B-stage state, a content of the thermosetting resin is 8 pts.mass to 120 pts.mass with respect to 100 pts.mass of the fluorine rubber having the unsaturated bond, an elastic modulus of the adhesive layer measured according to JIS 7127 (1999) is 15 MPa or more, and elongation at break is less than 400 percent.SELECTED DRAWING: None

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